Male Escort Agency: A brief description

Hello dirty fuckers. How are you?? Tickle a funny bone of your penis because I am back with a new blog. Last month after reading my blogs various women have sent me emails regarding male prostitutes or Male escort agencies. Why not ladies, everyone of us be it male or female has equal sexual rights . so I won’t disappoint you and would upraise you of the facts of male prostitution. Prostitution has been practiced worldwide since unknown years but usually be females. Even today you can find very few number of male prostitutes.

Who are male prostitutes?
Male prostitutes do the same work which is done by their female counterparts. They provide pleasure to their clients and satisfy their sexual needs. They work in the same way as females with a slight difference in fee structure.

Why they are few in number?
The answer lies in the taste. Men all over the world who are seen as always sex hungry take the services of prostitutes in huge number whereas women are known to be fragile and not so sex hungry .but the truth is females are equally sex hungry and are even more lustful than men. Female services are present openly because their demand is high. Demand of male prostitutes in low because women are shy.

How they do it?
Male prostitutes popularly known as Gigolo, male escort or kept-man work in the same way as female sex workers operate. They have male escort agency in which they are registered and on demand they reach at the destination to fulfill the desire of its female clients. Many women who got fed up with their fat and bald husband take help of these male escorts and enjoy their life at its fullest. Ladies you just need to call them and they will be there to woo you at any hours.

The quality of gigolos is quite high with the male escort services. The males are stud, hot, muscular, lean, young, fair, black anything you want. Prior to having sex they will woo you with their dance and stripping if you prefer so. They will perform regular tasks like oral sex, pussy licking, anal fucking and endless list of sexual activities. Their only aim is to satisfy their clients.

So my dear ladies don’t wait and live the same boring life with your fat businessman husband. Call Male Escort Services for full fledged dirty sex and hard core fucking experience with add ups of naked dance on catchy music numbers .Hope you gained enough knowledge about male Escort system . I would be back again with new hardcore substance. Till then bye bye.

Getting naughty-naughty with a Chinese Escort girl

Hello my dear fuckers. I know you are fucking good and as promised I am back with another arousing blog. This time I would tell you about my experience with a hot Chinese Escort Girl. Well it goes like this.

I am a middle aged stock broking professional in Hong Kong. I visited last week to Taiwan for an official meeting. I was done with the meeting till evening and so I went in a pub to enjoy a drink. While drinking there one of the guys handed me a bill which stated that ‘do you want to enjoy with Chinese girls’? I looked at it and thought of trying my hands in it. There was a number given at the bottom of the bill. I immediately called on that number and told them my hotel name and address. To my surprise within an hour I saw a beautiful 5ft 3” Chinese pussy at my doorstep.

The girl must be around 22-23 years of age. She was well versed with the Local language as well as English though there was not much communication between us. My gash, my eyes were continuously staring at her sexy hairless legs and her grown up tits. I expressed my desire to have wild sex with the girl and she happily agreed. We started off with a casual kiss and then went ahead. I literally tore her clothes. In the meanwhile she got aroused and thereafter started the real game. Her hairless pussy was glowing red and I just started licking it whole heartedly. As I already mentioned I was more interested in wildness and dirtiness (oral sex) rather than same old fucking techniques. My penis was now fully erect and without wasting any more time she started sucking it. I cummed on her face after few minutes and it was a great pleasure. I was done once and it was her turn to feel the thrill. I inserted whole tongue inside her wet pussy started fucking my tongue inside her rosy pussy.

What a noise she was making .AAAh, aaah, ooohhh, lick it , drink it and what not. Within few seconds she discharged and without any hesitation I cleaned her pussy with my tongue. As I was fully satisfied , I didn’t ask her for penetrative sex. once again I demanded a blow job and she did it even more perfectly. So that was it. I paid her and she gave me a loooonggggggggg. Good bye kiss and went away. I promised her to pay her a visit next month.

So fucker friends, this was my experience in the amazing city of Taiwan. By now many of my friends have aroused their penis and ready to insert in anywhere. So if you want to enjoy the same thing which I got , then call an Escort agency and fuck harder.

Escort services—A brief description

Hello friends. Hope you are doing well. Today I am going to tell you about Escort services and its basics. So here I start.

What is it?
There is a time in life when you feel lonely and bored of your sex life. You have a working professional and   have a spouse. But like people say you get bored of same old things and sex partner at some point of time. Well to change the mood or to get you recharged, Escort services are considered the best. These agencies do provide excellent door to door services to their clients which in turn fetch them a good amount of money. But this amount which they earn is nothing in comparison to the quality of services they offer.

How they work?
The Modus operandi is very simple. But it is quite different with traditional brothels and prostitutes. During the olden days, there use to be a place where sex workers use to provide their services. But these days you can see advertisement of various escort agencies in newspapers or over the internet. In order to avail their services then you have to simply call on the given numbers or book through the website. You would get a vast array of girls available and you are free to make your choice. Once you choose the girl then you have to convey your address and time. After this is done then at the agreed time and date you would receive your girl at your address. You can have sex with the girl or chat whatever you want.

Are the girls really hot?
The girls which are provided by these agencies are a real bombshell and believe me I can tell you with my own experience which I would definitely share in my next blog. Hot , Chinese, Russian, blonde anything you want and you have it at your doorsteps. From 18 to 35 , whichever you want.

Hygiene Issues.
The biggest concern in olden days to make sex with a professional sex worker was hygiene. Brothels were usually situated at a ghetto full of dirt and local criminals. The probability of catching a severe disease was bit on a higher side. But with the emergence of Escort services this issue is completely eliminated. Sex workers of escort agency are licensed and are undergo a check up by a certified doctor.

Ooh laaalaaaaaa Get started !!!!!!
Now when you have got an overview of the Escort Agency then what are you waiting for? Just pick your phone and get naughty -naughty with girl of your choice.

In my next blog I will share my experience with a Chinese Escort girl.

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